The Google search engine offers you hundreds of pages as a response to any query. Most users do not look beyond the first two pages of SERPs. Garage door company owners are experimenting with different digital marketing tactics to improve their local rankings on the SERPs.

This article will discuss 7 proven SEO techniques for better rankings on the SERPs.

1. An Up-to-date Google My Business Profile

 A well-maintained Google My Business profile for your garage door company can boost your local rankings on SERPs. A GMB profile of your garage door company can lead your potential prospects to your business website. They could avail of your services.

Let’s look at some tips on how to maintain a GMB profile to rank better on SERPs.

    • Provide useful business information such as business hours, NAP, and location details.
    • Post valuable pictures of your products and services.
    • Attend to the queries and reviews posted by visitors and your customers.

A GMB profile can boost your customer engagement and market reputation as the leading garage door company.

 2. Keyword Research and Application

 Keywords are phrases and words that your prospects might use while searching for a garage door company on a search engine. Understanding these keywords and using them to your advantage will help your business rank better on the local SERPs.

Short-tail keywords are usually generic words such as ‘Garage Door.’ Long-tail keywords are specific phrases related to a business, such as ‘Local Garage Door Companies.’

Let’s look at some of the tools available to research and manage keyword strategy.

 3. Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

 Social media platforms are a powerful yet underutilized means to boost the market rankings of a business on Local SERPs. You can invest in Facebook Ad campaigns to promote your garage door business.

Social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram can accelerate your growth as a brand in the market. Make a Facebook business page for your garage door company to connect with millions of potential prospects.

A successful Ad campaign will create buzz and attract necessary audience attention to your brand. You can mention your social media handles under your Google My Business listing to drive more organic visitors to your business website.

Google will rank your garage door business website higher on the local SERPs due to your popularity on Social media platforms and mentions.

 4. Acquire High-traffic Backlinks and Citations

 Google search engine algorithm ranks websites through quality backlinks and citations. High-quality backlinks can popularize your garage door company among your target audience. The presence of high-quality external links makes your business website an authority in the garage door market.

So let’s look at some of the tips to acquire high-quality backlinks and citations for your garage door website. 

    • Guest blogging on high-traffic websites is the easiest way to acquire quality backlinks.
    • Using YouTube influencers to create content for your garage door company can get you a quality video link.

 Google will rank your website higher if it has more backlinks and mentions from authority websites.

 5. Internal Linking is as Important as External Linking

 Yes, internal linking is just as important as external backlinks. Internal linking engages your website visitors and converts them into your potential customers. A website with more on-page internal links ranks better than websites with only external links.

Let’s look at some of the internal linking tools for garage door websites to rank better on local SERPs.

    • Link whisper is a tool to create engaging internal links to increase customer engagement.
    • Interlinks Manager is a platform to manage all the internal links on your garage door website.

Internal linking boosts what backlinks offer to your garage door company. Hence, use it as well to rank better on local SERPs.

6. Optimize Your Business Website

 An easy-to-navigate business website engages more visitors than a dull and dormant one. Website optimization gives enhanced user experience to both visitors and customers. As a garage door company, website optimization will allow you to convert potential prospects into actual organic customers of your business.

Let’s look at some of the tips to optimize your garage door business website.

    • Have an easy-to-use user interface for your website to drive more target audiences.
    • Create relevant and engaging on-site content to engage more visitors.
    • Optimize your website’s page load speed by caching the high-traffic pages.
    • Have a review section on-site. Address genuine customer reviews and queries.

 Google will rank your garage door website better than your market competitors if you optimize your business website.

 7. Images and Videos are Important Assets

 Images and videos have a higher impact on user search intent than mere words. Use this advice as leverage to rank better on local SERPs. Upload high-quality photos such as different options for garage doors on your business website. It will influence the buying intent of your visitors.

Make sure you tag business-relevant pictures, videos, and animations properly in the ‘alt text’ field. Search engine algorithm might not see your images, but it indeed can read the alt text. Websites with pictures and animations tend to rank higher on the local SERPs.

Make sure you post business-relevant pictures under Google My Business listing to rank better for your garage door company.