Local Search Engine Optimization is the strategy used in boosting your business’s presence in local search to draw in additional clients.

Lots of guides explain how to perform local SEO from the beginning to the end on your website. But these guides can sometimes prove to be tasking since SEO is intricate itself.

So, in this article, I’ll keep things simple and show you eight tips to improve your local SEO rankings in Kansas City. In summary, they include:

  • Optimize local landing pages
  • Conduct local keyword research
  • Obtain local citations and links
  • Reclaim lost links
  • Keep your site healthy
  • Get reviews
  • Claim your Google Business Profile
  • Feature on local list posts

1. Claim Your Google Business Profile

This is for business owners who have unclaimed Google Business Profile. This is local listing information about your business that is available online. These steps should help you;

  • Go to Google My Business
  • On the Google My Business page, click on “Manage now”.
  • Then log in to your “Google Account”.
  • Once you’ve logged in, search for the name of your business.

Results will pop up, do ensure that you choose the correct business. If your business does not show up when you search for your business name, click on the option to add your business and obey the instructions.

  • Once chosen, click on “Manage now”.

Note: When you search for your business name, you might be asked to review your business and confirm before you manage.

What Optimizations Should You Make After Claiming Your Google Business Profile?

After claiming your Google Business Profile in Kansas City, here are five important optimizations you should make to improve your local SEO;

● Choose The Right Business Type

Google separates businesses into service-area, storefront, and hybrid businesses.

If you run a business that serves customers at the business address only, let’s take for example; a salon, ensure to set only your address and leave the service area empty.  If you run a business that is into home delivery services, ensure you clear the address and set your service areas instead. If your business serves both ensure you add both.

● Add Your Website

You must add your business’s website address on your Google Business Profile. This will help provide customers and clients with more information on what they need to know about your business.

● Add Your Business Hours

It is always important to list your accurate business hours to avoid confusing your customers.  Also, remember to include holidays so that customers can know if you open during the holiday periods.

● Choose The Category That’s Right For Your Business

You have lots of business category options. Some of them are similar, however, take your time to go through the options and choose the one that fits your business the most.

● Add Photos

According to Google, businesses with photos have an increased number of requests by about 42% and more website clicks by about 35%. Do make sure to add photos of your business as they help improve your local SEO.

2. Optimize Local Landing Pages

If you find out that people often look online for the particular product or service you offer, you need to develop specific landing pages for them.

This makes it easier for customers to see your products and services and also improves your Local SEO ranking.

When optimizing landing pages, include only the keywords that matter to searchers and avoid keyword stuffing. Also, include any important information about the services you offer on your landing pages.

3. Reclaim Lost Links

One major known Google ranking factor is ‘backlinks’, but they can prove very difficult to build.

You can perform this action by reclaiming the links to the pages on your site that are no longer in existence.

You can do that by following these steps;

  • Fill in your domain in Site Explorer
  • Click on the Best by links report
  • Include a “404 not found” HTTP filter
  • You can then redirect those URLs to their new locations.

4. Get Featured On Local Lists Posts

No matter how obscure a product or service is, you can get “best of” lists for it.

It is important for your business to get featured on lists like this because they also get you backlinks. Backlinks also help you rank higher in Google.

5. Perform Local Keyword Research

You should understand how local customers search for the services your business offers. If you understand your customers better, then you are more likely to understand how this is done. It is however still crucial to perform keyword research so that you can expand your scope and reach.

6. Get Local Citations And Links

Local citations are statements about your address, business name, and phone number online. In a study carried out by Moz in 2018, local citations were selected as the fifth most significant factor for local queries.

Although business owners see them as less important, they are still worth getting because not only do they help people find your business, they also help you rank.

7. Keep Your Site Healthy

An unhealthy site can result in lots of SEO issues. Google’s inability to find, understand, crawl, and index your content will give you lots of problems.

Ensure your site is healthy. There are lots of online tools available for you to perform this task.

8. Get Reviews

According to Bright Local’s study carried out in 2020, reviews are said to be the second most important map ranking factor. Google also says that “high-quality, positive reviews from your customers can improve your visibility.”

This can increase the likelihood of a customer leaving a review, one of such ways is to provide them with satisfactory services.

In Essence

The most important aspect of local SEO is acknowledging, optimizing, and attracting positive reviews for your Google Business Profile. This will help you gain more exposure from Google’s search results. To rank higher in Google’s organic results in Kansas City, you need to focus more on traditional SEO which involves all that has been discussed earlier on in this article.