Besides creating quality content, building links is crucial to SEO tracking success. By linking other credible pages and having them link to your pages builds authority with the search engines. For the majority of the time credible pages will link credible pages while spammy pages will link spammy pages.


What are Links?


Inbound links, or back links, are the reputation of the internet. When another page uses an inbound link directing the reader to one of your web pages they are basically saying, “check out this author, they know what they’re talking about.” It acts almost like a word of mouth and will help build your brand. At the same time by doing this yourself you are also showing your readers that another author could further help their investigation.


Internal links work similarly but direct readers to another page on the same domain, for example, different pages on your website. As long as you use internal links in a natural way and not a spammy way, the search engine will interpret that linked page as important and help your SEO tracking.


Link Profile


Your pages link profile in an analysis of your inbound links. This includes the number of links you have, the quality of those links and the diversity of those links.


You should always try to maintain a healthy link profile. Some people learn about links and figure out how to manipulate them to try to boost their rankings. This is against Google’s Rules and Regulations and Google can de-index your page. By maintaining organic link follows and developing real readers who are interested will benefit your pages in the long run.


Editorial links are placed by another page that wants to link your page to their page. Earning these links from other users is great for establishing authority on search engines. This is also why its important to create better content than what has already been created.


The source of editorial links also matters to SEO tracking. If the page that is linking to your page is relevant to the same topics of your pages than it would be more beneficial than having an irrelevant site linking your page.


Some Things to Avoid


Avoid a spammy profile. Filling your content with unnatural links might sound like a good idea to get search engines to boost your rankings but it will actually do the opposite. Google will penalize spammy link profiles.


Avoid purchased links. Though Google cant actually tell if links are purchased or traded they have ways of suspecting purchased links. This includes trading good or services for links.


Link exchanges are allowed but shouldn’t be used in mass amounts. A link exchange is when you share someone else’ link on your page in exchange for them sharing your link on their page. This can be beneficial but if over used, Google will penalize your page.



Building High Quality Back links


Links should always be organic, build over time and follow the search engines algorithms. Building links can come from many different sources or methods. For example, if you have a partner you consistently work with you can offer to write up a testimonial for them. They can display this testimonial on their page with a back link to your page.


By writing a blog you have an opportunity to create new, unique content on a consistent basis. Blogs can also create discussions and earn links from other blogs. This is one of the few methods recommended by Google.


Creating unique content will assist in building a following for your pages. These organic editorial link opportunities are crucial in success of your SEO. Creating highly detailed, unique content is not an easy task but it is well worth it. Some goals of this content is to elicit strong emotion, be location specific, support something new, or address a timely need or issue.


Creating such a specific piece of content will interest readers. It could make them want to share it with friends or colleagues. These back links will also build trust in the community.


Local Business and Community


As a local business it is smart to get involved with the community. Building relationships with your local community will help build trust in your brand. This could be holding a competition or giveaway, posting jobs or offering internships, and hosting events or seminars.

event posting is great for SEO tracking

Building real world relationships can go a long way in building your own online presence and SEO tracking. You could even figure out ways in the real world to work with another business which you could use to link each other online. For more about the Importance of Google My Business visit our other article by G Map Pros.


Some Tips For Effective Link Building


Keep your content unique and memorable. This creates authenticity to your readers. You also want to be personal and genuine with your content.


Being newsworthy is also a bonus. It could be a simple aspect like offering a giveaway or presenting a new product. This contributes to branding and helps build your presence online.



Final Notes


Spam is a universal issue. Whether its in building back links or using keywords, it is a negative way to effect your pages SEO. Create content that you would want to read, not content that would just effect your SEO.


Next important aspect is tracking and analyzing data pertaining to your pages. Google Analytics is a effective tool in utilizing this data. More in another article.