Video is an Incredibly Powerful Tool.

Video marketing can help businesses connect with their target audience and drive sales. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the importance of video in their marketing strategy, and as a result, they miss out on the many benefits that video can offer. It has proven to be one of the most cost-effective investments you can make while maximizing your online reach and driving results.

At G Map Pros,

we understand the power of video and the impact it can have on a business’s bottom line. We specialize in creating high-quality video content that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients while successfully identifying their individual target audience. Whether you need a promotional video to showcase your products or services, an educational video to explain a complex topic, or a video testimonial to build trust with your audience, we have the expertise and experience to deliver results.

Boost Your Business with Social Media Video Marketing!

In today’s fast-paced digital world, social media has become a game-changer for businesses seeking success. Don’t get left behind – leverage the power of video marketing to skyrocket your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Why Video Marketing?

Boosts Brand Visibility

With 3.8 billion active social media users, video content will get your brand in front of countless potential customers and create memorable impressions.

Engages and Entertains

Videos captivate your audience, making them 10 times more likely to share, like, and comment compared to static content.

Establishes Trust

Through video, you can showcase your brand's personality, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and create loyal customers.

Don't miss out on the incredible power of video marketing!

Embrace the future and take your business to new heights with engaging and shareable video content.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and setting clear expectations.

Make no mistake: video production is a complicated process.

There are many moving parts that go into drafting, filming, and producing. That’s why we first require a consultation zoom call beforehand to discuss these variables.

Is a consultation call really necessary?

Short answer: Yes.

Having a consultation call before starting a video project is crucial for a variety of reasons. It allows us to gain a better understanding of the client’s specific needs and purpose for wanting video content, which can help us to tailor our approach and deliver a final product that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Here are some reasons why having a consultation call is important:

Understanding the Client's Objectives

Every video project has a specific objective; it could be to educate, promote, or entertain. By having a consultation call with the client, we can gain a clear understanding of their objectives and ensure that the final video meets their desired outcome.

Tailoring Our Approach

Every client is unique, and their video needs will vary. By having a consultation call, we can tailor our approach, ensuring that the final video is customized to their brand, messaging, and audience.

Establishing Clear Communication

A consultation call is an opportunity to establish clear communication with the client to ensure that we are transparent with budget, scheduling, logistics, and expectations.

Avoiding Misunderstandings

Having an open dialogue and setting clear expectations will allow us to coordinate the video process with ease.

Saving Time and Money

The worst outcome would be to have a video that doesn’t match your vision. We want to make sure that every detail is accounted for.

Overall, a consultation call is a crucial step in ensuring that a video project is successful. It allows us to understand the client's needs, tailor our approach, establish clear communication, and save time and money in the long run.

Kurt Mueller

Owner of Blue Springs Fitness
Working with G Map Pros on video marketing was not only fun to do and be a part of, but the end product was also beyond all of my expectations! The whole team is very professional, fun to work with, and detail-oriented. The videos that we ended up with were a huge success In our marketing campaign, and I will definitely be utilizing G Map Pros going into the future."

Mike Basevic

Founder of No Limits Nation and Anxiety Free Executive

Paul Sackett

Founder of Your HR
I recently used G Map Pros services for my company website and I was very pleased with the results. The video was professional and creative, and the whole process was smooth and efficient. The team or G Map Pros was friendly and knowledgeable, and they answered all of my questions promptly and thoroughly. They worked with me to make sure I got the desired results, and I am very happy with the end result. The video was well-crafted and engaging, and it was a great addition to my marketing pion. I highly recommend G Map Pros for their video marketing services, and I look forward co working with them again in the future.

Our video production process


  • Discuss Expectations
  • Concept Development
  • Project Timeline
  • Budget


  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Location scouting
  • Equipment, Props, and Supplies


  • Set Design
  • Set Up Equipment
  • On-set Direction
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Filming
  • B-Roll
  • Voiceovers


  • Assembly
  • Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Final
  • Revisions
  • Delivery

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