Optimizing your Google My Business profile in Kansas City is one major way to get increased success and influence in your local market. To put it simply, every business needs a Google My Business listing. This gives a great deal of information to local consumers and Google, offering your business a great deal of local search presence in Kansas City.

When creating your Google My Business Profile, the details you provide in your Google My Business profile are utilized in several ways by the search engine, from crowding the highly noticeable knowledge panel which emerges on the right side of the search results and fills out the local pack to crowding Google Maps, providing voice search results and aiding with Google app search results.

Optimizing your Google My Business Profile is very important. There are various techniques you can utilize to enable your Google My Business profile to get more leads. Below are eight strategies;

1. Ensure The NAP On Your Google My Business Profile Is Correct.

NAP is an acronym for the Name, Address, and Phone number for your business, getting these details right is crucial to optimizing your Google My Business Profile in Kansas City.

This might come across as trivial but your business could have changed over time, moved from place to place resulting in an address change, you might have lost the previous contact details which led you to get a new one, you might have even had to change your business name for one reason or the other.

Whatever the case might be, you need to ensure that all your citations for your online business are uniform with the ones you include as part of your Google My Business Profile.

Inconsistency with these details would portray your business in a bad light to your customers and prospective clients, making your business appear unattended to.

2. Ensure You Choose The Right Category And Subcategory For Your Google My Business Profile

The category and subcategory of your Google My Business profile is an important part of Search Engine Optimization and goes a long way in affecting how many leads your business gets, so you must get it right.

For instance, if you sell women’s clothing, you might choose ‘women’s clothing store’ as your category so that anyone looking for women’s clothing can discover your business in local searches.

The subcategory is equally important especially if your business sells more than one good or offers more than one kind of service. For example, if you have a women’s clothing store but also sell children’s clothing, “women’s clothing” will be your category, while “children’s clothing” will be your subcategory.

Choosing the correct category and subcategory often helps you in outranking your competitors.

3. Make Sure Your Business Description Is Compelling

Google allows you a seven hundred and fifty character space to describe your business, so you need to utilize it properly.

When writing the description for your profile, avoid including any form of a promotional statement as Google rules against that. However, try your best to inform people about your products and services, ensure you make them see what’s unique about you, about what you do, and about what you sell, the goods you offer, or the services you render.

Including a few details about your mission and business history, is also a good idea.

A compelling description will not only captivate your customers but will also bring in more leads for your business.

4. Use Photos And Pictures

Google allows lots of options to include photos in your profile.

You can choose whichever photos to use, either interior or exterior shots of your business, including 360-degree views. The photos you choose are very crucial for your Google My Business Profile because strong images are known to act as a spotlight for people.

According to Google, “businesses with photos receive forty-two percent more requests for driving directions to their locations from Google users, and thirty-five percent more clicks to their websites than businesses whose profiles lack photos.”

Nonetheless, do not overcrowd your profile with photos and images. Standard practice is about three images each of your interior, your exterior, your team, and the products you sell, or the services you offer.

5. Monitor Your Reviews And Respond To Them.

The reviews that customers see on your page are very important. Customers always want to go through your reviews before purchasing any goods or services and they trust these reviews sometimes even better than word of mouth from friends and family.

Do not wait for customers to write reviews, rather, be proactive about requesting for them especially if you are convinced that you’ve satisfied a customer and they are happy with your product or service.

You also need to monitor and respond to these reviews on time, for example, you can put in place a policy for thanking the customers who leave positive reviews and asking those who leave negative reviews how you can help them.

6. Fill Out Your Products And Services

One of the most visible ways to gain more leads is through the products section.

Even if your business only offers services and doesn’t sell products, you will still need to fill this out because of its visibility.

Google helps in ranging your product in a carousel-like design which will make the page more attractive and eye-catching.

You are also able to categorize your page, so use it to your own advantage.

7. Publish Posts Regularly.

This does two things; feeds the important keywords and phrases, drives up engagement.  Posts published within your GMB profile pages are essential mini blogs that give consumers and customers vital information about your business.

Good posts will increase your SEO rankings, improve your visibility, and drive more leads.

8. Ask And Answer Questions

Google offers this feature for GMB profiles. Answering customer questions may be the motivation for a customer deciding if they want to purchase your goods or service. However, you need to optimize this late because not only can anybody ask a question, anybody can also answer. This means if you’re inattentive, your customers might get the wrong answers or inaccurate information from somewhere elsewhere who might know nothing about business.

To avoid this, ensure you check this section of your GMB profile from time to time and answer the questions asked.