If you own a small business, getting traffic and leads from searchers in a different country, state, or city will not improve your business, but with local SEO, you can get good traffic from potential customers who are around your locality and are likely to visit your store to make a purchase.

In this article, you will see the reason why local SEO is important for small business owners and why new marketing strategies like local SEO have taken over the market, reducing the need for business owners to keep using the defunct and traditional style of marketing.

Is Local SEO Important For Small Businesses?

Yes! Local SEO in Kansas City is important for small businesses because it helps small business owners to create user-friendly, fast, and robust websites that are responsive and easily navigated on mobile, and can also rank higher on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), which will, in turn, bring potential customers that are likely to purchase to their website.

For example, when you open Google Chrome on your phone and type “best jewelry shop” into the search bar, what do you see?

The results are not necessarily the best jewelry shops in the world but are most likely local jewelry shops in your city or locality that are close to where you are at the moment. That’s the power and benefits of local SEO.

How Can Small Businesses Improve Using Local SEO?

You can improve your business using local SEO by:

1. Setting Up Google My Business Profile

You can submit your business information to Google Maps and Google Search by creating a Google My Business profile. In addition to that, having a Google My Business profile enables you to be in touch with customers through Google Posts, make updates about your working hours, and even monitor reviews on Google.

2. Listing the Business in Online Local Directories

You can set up local business listings in major online business directories and search engines like Bing Places, Google My Business, Facebook, etc, to make it easier for search engines to note that your business data is correct and that your business is legal.

Note: Keep your business data consistent and accurate across all platforms to avoid being penalized by Google.

3. Being Consistent With Responding to Reviews

Creating time to respond to online reviews will show your customers that you care about them and it can be a good signal for ranking in local search. Even though getting more reviews may take time and effort, be ready to respond to every one of them once they start coming, regardless of being positive or negative.

4. Creating Consistent and Accurate Local Citations

Local citations like a local business listing are places where your business details like address, name, and phone number are stated online. Ensure that your business information is accurate and used consistently no matter where you are adding them on the web because it will help search engines to verify and trust your data.

Importance of Local SEO For Small Business Owners

Almost half of all queries done on Google today are local searches, and when a searcher performs a normal daily search, there’s a higher probability that Google will show nearby local businesses.

What is the importance of that to small businesses? Well, according to data from Google, from 2017 to 2019, the searches that included the phrase “near me” increased by more than 800%. In a bid to meet the needs of searchers, Google began to show results on search result pages according to the locality and geography of the searcher.

This means that if your business or office is situated close to where a user is doing a search, then your business is more likely to be found on the first page of search results.

In addition to improved visibility on SERPs, here are other things that local SEO can do for your business:

1. Bring Your Business Closer to Local Customers

More than 73% of people who search online for a business visit a store within their location. So, if your business always shows up in Google maps or local search results, then your chances of making new sales and getting recurring customers are high.

2. Bring More Quality Website Traffic

Local search can help to block searchers who might not contact you or make a purchase after searching. It is not because search engines are intentionally blocking businesses from potential clients, but because they want to show relevant results to these searchers based on their intent and geography.

So, someone who is 60 miles away from your business location might not see your shop website show up in search, but someone who’s a mile away will, because he’s within your locality and is more likely to walk into your shop to make a purchase or use your services.

3. Reach Potential Customers Who are Ready to Make a Purchase

According to data from Google, 80% of local searches done with a smartphone end with the searcher making a purchase or paying for a service. This is because local SEO brings relevant businesses to the front of potential customers at the exact time they are searching, making them more likely to buy or even seek additional information.

4. Bring Cost-Efficient Marketing Option

Even though it takes time and effort to manage business data submitted to online directories, you can use free tools like ‘Facebook’ and ‘Google My Business’ to set up local business listings throughout the web, which makes local SEO in Kansas City a preferable option for online advertisements.

Final Words

Utilize local SEO services in Kansas City, by using them to boost and improve your business before your competitors catch up.

If you don’t know how to make use of local SEO, there are a lot of articles about that online where you can get knowledge from, or you can hire a local SEO agency in Kansas City with industry insight and expertise to evaluate your site, analyze your company goals and local online presence, and then develop a strategy that you can use to generate leads and increase sales locally.