There are certain mistakes that business owners make with their Google My Business profile. These mistakes can often lead to loss of leads, customers, and sometimes, even the GMB profile itself.

Mistakes such as closed business, wrong information, and unanswered reviews can prove to be too costly for your Google My Business Profile as it badly affects businesses.

In this article, I’ve identified seven common mistakes that business owners make with their Google My Business Profile. Read on to find out to avoid making these same mistakes.

1. Closed Businesses

Often, it is common to see closed businesses unmarked as ‘closed’. If your business shuts down, endeavor to mark that business as permanently closed especially if it existed online. Although you may no longer need the listing, the inability to mark your closed business as permanently closed could result in terrible user experiences.

For example, if you often buy groceries from a store in Kansas City and you get there one day to find out they’ve shut down without notice, you would be upset. Firstly because you wasted your time, and also because you would be disappointed at the thought of being unable to make your purchase at that time.

The same goes for your online business. If a potential client tries to visit you and discovers that you are closed, they will likely become upset about wasting their time.

When your business is closed, try as much as possible to make it known in your Google My Business Listing Profile. It presents your business as trustworthy and has the interests of potential clients at heart.

2. Wrong Information

Wrong information displayed online about your business is worse than having no information at all. Having a situation whereby your working hours are not updated and customers arrive at your location only to discover that you have closed will get them upset.

For instance, I once had to go to a logistics company to pick up a delivery package only to get there and discover that they were closed. I checked for their working hours and I realized that they were closed when they were supposed to be open. I was very upset because I had to go back the following day to get my package.

I told the sender not to make use of their services again and recommended their competitors. I also gave them a negative review online.

It is important to input any slight business change that might be relevant to your customers into your Google My Business profile, even if you moved about an inch away from your former location.

3. Inability To Include Photos

It is a common sight to see that photos are neglected on Google My Business profiles. Some businesses in Kansas City only include the street view while others sometimes include one or two pictures that were posted by a well-meaning customer. This is overly not recommended for your Google My Business profile because apart from presenting your profile as unattended, it can lead Google to pull in a picture from the wrong news article or even Facebook page.

It is recommended that you use about four to seven exterior photos without staff and another four to seven interior photos with the staff.

Pictures with people in them always look better for business than empty streets and storefronts or lobbies. It also gives your customer the feeling of comfort and transparency.

Utilize photos, show off the traits that make your business stand out from other businesses, and allow people to know that you have real people working at your business place. Take photos at different angles and different times of the day to see the one you prefer the most. You can also ask for the contribution of your staff members and friends to help you pick out the best ones.

Finally, if you want the best photos, hire a professional in Kansas City.

4. Unanswered Reviews

This is one major area that business owners neglect the most. It is important to reply to your business reviews, be it positive or negative. Answering reviews leads to customer engagement.

A research carried out by Bain and Company showed that engaged customers spend between 20% and 40% more than other customers.

Not replying to their reviews shows potential customers that you do not care about them but only about money. Always reply to all your reviews and if it is negative, ensure to ask how you can improve or help them.

5. Unclaimed Listings

Failure to claim your Google My Business Profile Listing will lead to skepticism of your ability to manage that profile. You will have access to suggest edits on your phone number, address, and website URL. You might even be able to upload photos but only from a customer and not you as the business owner.

Unclaimed listings will also prevent you from replying to customer reviews and prevent you from creating google posts. A user will also be able to suggest an edit to your profile and say that the business does not exist which might make Google delete your listing.

Other companies might also claim your listing by editing your information and inputting theirs and Google will not be able to inform you of any change. This can damage your business.

To claim your Google My Business profile listing easily, go to the knowledge panel and click on ‘own this business and follow the steps you see.

6. Wrong Map Pins

This feature is often misused. Sometimes, map pins end up in the middle of a parking lot or at the end of a field, this discourages potential customers. People want to be directed to the right spot and if they are unable to discover your location, they can assume that your business doesn’t exist and go somewhere else.

7. Wrong Location

Google now allows GMB profile users to edit their location features. To ascertain that your GMB profile shows the correct location, simply perform a Google search. You can also inform customers of your exact and specific location like a grocery shop in Kansas City to make it easy for them to locate you.


You need to conduct an audit on your listing if you have Google My Business. Look out for any of the issues discussed above that might be affecting your business and make corrections.

These key ingredients will determine how your business functions and if your customers are happy to patronize you. It can also help you boost sales if you carry out proper procedures.