Google My Business Posts are mainly used to help local businesses connect with customers in their area. Businesses use these posts to display relevant information about the business, their products, special announcements and offers directly on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If a user searches for your business directly, the active posts will be displayed in the same area as your GMB listing’s contact and location information. We are going to cover how to optimize your GMB posts.


Most posts stay active for 7 days unless the business takes it down before that. Event Posts will stay active for the duration of the event dates. The Posts feature is completely FREE and easy to manage so make surer you utilize this feature to help grow your business.


There are several factors that can effect your success of using GMB posts. Below we are going to cover some we find important.



Using the Right Images


Images are a great way to attract more attention to your posts. You want to make sure the images you’re using are both relevant and captivating. The best size to use is 750 x 750 px. You are able to use as small as 250 x 250 px but if aything smaller than that the image wont be accepted.

Optimize your GMB posts with capptivating images

If your image is being used to promote a product or special such as food you want to use a more closer focused, crystal clear image. Also make sure the image subject is weighted to the center in case of any cutoffs.



Headlines and Titles


Your headline is the most important element when creating your post. It is the first thing that your viewer sees when looking at your post so it needs to be bold and enticing. The headline has to make your viewer want to click on the post eager to read on.


Your headline needs to show your reader what you are offering and why people should care. This is relevant because all headlines and titles are competing for placement on the SERPs. Your character amount for your headline is limited so make sure your headline is concise.

Optimize your GMB posts with proper headings

Headlines are not easy to come up with. A good technique is to try to come up with 20 different titles for a specific post and pick which one stands out the most. Again, make sure that headline is an attention grabber.



Descriptions and Details


Like the headline, you want to ensure your descriptions are clear and concise. Your description in total should be at least 150- 300 characters long but you need to convey the important information within the first 80. In the thumbnail view of the post is where your description will be cutoff. Finally, make sure your descriptions are SEO conscious.

Making your description concise yet descriptive is key in optimizing your GMB posts.



Call- To- Action


A Call- To- Action (CTA) is a line of text or a button that tells the viewer to do something in order to continue reading or explore the site further. They can be used to drive the viewer to a conversion page where they can contact you directly, buy a product, request a quote or anything else you want them to do. It is also a tool to increase your site’s click through rate. Your goal is for your viewers to spend more time exploring your site as this will increase your SEO presence and overall help the visibility of your site.


It is best to be clear and concise here as well. You want to avoid commercial slang or any kind of promotional slang and be direct with your viewer. This can avoid confusion and keep your potential customer engaged in what your business offers.



Click Tracking


Your CTA button’s URL is what Google Analytics uses to get information about the viewer who visited your post. This all happens on the back-end of your GMB post. Google posts do not directly integrate with Google Analytics so it is difficult to log information deeper than views and clicks.


Using UTM codes you can better analyze and see which post campaigns have been more successful than other creating trends for you to see and capitalize on.

Using google analytics can help optimize your GMB posts

Google’s Campaign URL Builder is your first step in click tracking.


With this information set up your more capable of seeing who clicked on your site and which of them actually converted on your site.





Consistently posting relevant information is important to your success using GMB posts. It is best practice to build a plan for the type of content you are posting and how often.


As mentioned above, event posts will stay active for the duration of the event. But other post types like product promotion or offer posts only stay active for 7 days so its important to make sure your creating new posts and continuing to keep something displayed on your GMB listing.


Using scheduling is a good way to ensure your posts continue and can set up when they get posted. There are a few third party tools that you can use to schedule your posts for your GMB.


OneUp is a scheduling software that can be used in Google My Business as well as the primary social media platforms. Though it isn’t free, it is a great tool to keep posts scheduled and consistent.





Overall these elements are all important to writing posts for your GMB listing. The major aspect of this formula being SEO- friendly writing that will assist your business listing placement. Optimizing your GMB posts is extremely beneficial to your businesses growth and success.


Trial and error is a major aspect of success so be sure you have your Google Analytics properly set up and are using the information to rate your post engagement. Learn more about the types of GMB posts here.